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MTHFG-300 in-line thermal mass flowmeter
MTHFG-300 in-line thermal mass flowmeter MTHFG-300 in-line thermal mass flowmeter
Name: MTHFG-300 in-line thermal mass flowmeter
Size: DN15-2000 mm
Accuracy: ±1.0%
Output: 4~20mA, RS485
Ex-proof: ExdⅡCT4
● A true mass flow meter which could measure the gas flow conveniently and accurately without compensation for temperature or pressure. 
● Great range ratio; It could measure the flow rate from 100Nm/s maximum to 0.5Nm/s minimum.
● Good anti-vibration performance and long service life; 
● Simple and convenient installation and maintenance;
● Digitalization design; 


Measuring media Various gases (except for acetylene gas)
Range of pipe diameter DN15-2000 mm
Velocity range 0.5-100 Nm/s
Accuracy ±1.0%
Working temperature Sensor: normal temperature type -10℃ to +200℃,
            high temperature type -10℃ to +350℃; Converter:-20℃ to +45℃
For special environment, please specify
Working pressure  ≤4.0Mpa
Power supply Integral type: DC24V or AC220V ≤18W
Detachable converter: AC220V  ≤19W)
Response speed 1S
Output signal 4-20mA, RS485
Pipeline material Carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic, etc.
Display 8-bit field + 24 prompts
Protection  IP67
Explosive-proof grade of primary instrument ExdⅡCT4
Sensor material  Stainless steel, carbon steels