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MTSB Ultrasonic gas flowmeter
MTSB Ultrasonic gas flowmeter
Name: MTSB Ultrasonic gas flowmeter
Accuracy: ±0.5%, ±1.0%, ±1.5%
Size: DN25mm~DN300mm
Medium: Gas, liquid
Output Signal: Pulse, 4~20mA, Modbus
Ex-proof: ExdibⅡBT4


MTSB Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter is based on the theory of acoustic transit time to calculate the average velocity of gas movement by measure time of the upstream and downstream, in which the ultrasonic waves generated by two bi-directional transducers travel along the path angled with respect to pipe axis.


No moving parts, low pressure drop, low maintenance
Bi-directional measurement
Simple installation, excellent performance
High accuracy and good reliablility
Ex-proof: Exd(ib) BT4(exclude acetylene)
Temperature and pressure compensation
Real time LCD display
High accuracy up to 0.5%

MTSB Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter can be applied extensively to the supply, transmission, distribution of most dry gas in fields such as underground air storage, power stations, petrochemical industry, aluminum melters etc. There is a wide range of gas can be measured by MTSB including natural gas, compact gas, compressed air, fuel gas, corrosive gas, poisonous gas, high-purity gas etc.


Accuracy ±0.5%, ±1.0%, ±1.5%
Diameter DN25mm~DN300mm
Turndown Ratio >1:30
Medium Gas, liquid
Output Signal Pulse, 4~20mA
Communication Protocol  MODBUS Protocol
Ex-proof Common type, Ex-proof type
Protection IP65
Ex-proof Grade  ExdibⅡBT4(GYB101058)
Working Temp. -40℃~+85℃
Max. Overload Flowrate 120%
Power Supply DC 24V (600mA), DC12V(1A)
Nominal Pressure 1.6MPa ,2.5MPa,4.0MPa,6.3MPa, 10.0MPa

Flow range
Accuracy 0.5% 1.0% 1.5%
Repeatability 0.1 0.2 0.3
Velocity (m/s) (1.25~25m/s) (1.0~25m/s) (0.8~25 m/s)
Size (mm) Flow range (m3/h)
25 2.2~45 1.8~45 1.4~45
40 5.5~115 4.5~115 3.6~115
50 9~180 7~180 5.5~180
80 23~450 18~450 14~450
100 35~700 28~700 23~700
150 80~1600 64~1600 50~1600
200 140~2830 115~2830 90~2830
250 220~4420 180~4420 140~4420
300 320~6360 250~6360 200~6360

1) The above flow range is in working condition, while flow range standard condition (0.1MPa, 20℃)shall be converted to flow range in working condition for model selection.
2) Unit for pressure is MPa, and unit for temperature is ℃;
3) For MTSB≥4.0MPa, the flow meter must work with pressure ≥0.5MPa