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MTRD-700 Guided wave radar level meter
MTRD-700 Guided wave radar level meter
Name: MTRD-700 Guided wave radar level meter
Measuring range: 10m, 20m, 30m, 80m
Frequency range: 26GHz
Output: 4~20mA/HART/Modbus

Guided wave radar is a gauge based on time stroke principle, the radar wave is running at speed of light, the running time can be converted to material level signal through electric components. The sensor emit high frequency impulse and transmit along the cable, when impulse meets the material surface, it reflects back and is received by receiver inside the gauge, and converts the distance signal to material level signal.


Model MTRD701 MTRD702 MTRD703
Application Liquid,solidgranules Liquid,solidgranules Liquid
Measuring range 30m 6m 6m
Process connection Screw,flange Screw,flange Screw,flange
Process temperature -40~250℃ -40~250℃ -40~250℃
Process pressure -1.0~40bar -1.0~40bar -1.0~40bar
Accuracy ±1mm ±1mm ±1mm
Frequency range 100MHZ-1.8GHZ 100MHZ-1.8GHZ 100MHZ-1.8GHZ
Ex-proof EXiaIICT6/IP68 EXiaIICT6/IP68 EXiaIICT6/IP68
Signal output 4~20mA/HART 4~20mA/HART 4~20mA/HART