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MT2001 Pressure transmitter
MT2001 Pressure transmitter
Name: MT2001 Pressure transmitter
Accuracy: ±0.1%
Measurement range: 0…5KPa and 0…32MPa
Output signal: 4~20mA (two-wire), HART
Ex-proof: EX ia IICT5 (Intrinsic safe), Ex d IICT5 (flame proof)
Protection grade: IP65
With the Metern 2001 Pressure Transmitter, you’ll gain more control over your plant. You’ll be able to reduce product variation and complexity as well as your total cost of ownership by leveraging one device across a number of pressure, level and flow applications. You’ll have access to information you can use to diagnose, correct and even prevent issues. And with unparalleled reliability and experience, the Metern 2001 is the industry standard that will help you perform at higher levels of efficiency and safety so you can remain globally competitive.

The minimum measuring range is more than 5KPa
The maximum measuring range is between 0 to 35MPa
Direct process connection without mounting bracket
Anti-lightning, anti-RF interference
Local display
Intrinsic proof or flame proof
Small volume, nice appearance, cost-effective
High accuracy, high stability, high reliability
HART protocol is optional

Technical parameters
Medium: liquid, gas or steam compatible to 316SS
Measurement range: 0…5KPa and 0…32MPa
Over load pressure: 2 times of maximum range or 70MPa(minimized)
Output signal: 4…20mA (two-wire)
Power supply: 14…36VDC (two- wire), Standard 24VDC±5%
Medium temperature: -25…+100℃
Ambient temperature: -20…+85℃
Relative humidity: 0…100%

Performance Index
Accuracy: ±0.1%
Zero-drift: Positive-drift: 0…+80% of maximum range; 
                 Negative-drift: 0…-100% of maximum range (not exceeding -100KPa, AP products don’t have negative-drift)
Range adjustment: Arbitrary adjustment between minimum range and maximum range
Overpressure influence: less than 0.25% of output range
Power influence: less than 0.01%/V of output range
Load influence: ignored
Temperature influence: ±1.5% of maximum range (temperature range: -20…+85℃)
Stability: ±0.25%/year of maximum range

Structural Performance
Diaphragm material: SS316L
Connector material: SS316L
Housing material: cast aluminium alloy with coating
Process connection: M20x1.5, 1/2NPT, G1 male thread
Header: M3 digital LCD display
Weight: about 1.2Kg
Ex-proof: EX ia IICT5 (Intrinsic safe), Ex d IICT5 (flame proof)
Protection grade: IP65