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MTLD-C Insertion type Electromagnetic flowmeter
MTLD-C Insertion type Electromagnetic flowmeter
Name: MTLD-C Insertion type Electromagnetic flowmeter
Applicable pipe nominal diameter: DN150-DN3000mm.
Nominal pressure: ≤1.6MPa.
Working temperature: ≤120 ℃.

MTLD-C Insertion type Electromagnetic flowmeter

1.       Features:
1) Measurement not affected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity changes.
2) The use of advanced excitation technology, low power consumption, zero stability, anti-interference ability, good reliability.
3) No additional pressure loss, small length of straight pipe required.
4) Wide flow measurement range , full scale flow rate can be set continuously in 0.1m / s-15m / s, the output signal and flow (velocity) to be completely linear relationship.
5) Convert display with 16-bit high-performance microprocessors, 2 ×16LCD display, convenient parameter setting,reliable programming.
6) Bidirectional flow meter measurement system, built-in three totalizer can show: forward flow, reverse flow, the total flow of the difference between forward flow and reverse flow.
7) Variety of output: current, pulse, digital communications, HART.
8) For large diameter pipes: DN150-DN3000mm.
9) Sensor body and the electrode has a variety of materials available.
10) Small size, light weight and easy transportation and installation, enabling continuous flow maintenance and disassembly.
11) Competitive price, the larger the diameter size, the greater the cost-effective.
12) Compact type and remote type can be optional.

2.       Technical Parameters:
1) Applicable pipe nominal diameter: DN150-DN3000mm.
2) Nominal pressure: ≤1.6MPa.
3) Working temperature: ≤120 ℃.
4) Upper limit of the flow rate range: continuously adjustable within0.1-15m / s
5) Measurement Accuracy: ±2.0%, ±2.5%
6) Measured medium conductivity ≥50μs / cm.
7) Electrode material: 316L, Hastelloy (HB / HC), Titanium (Ti), Tantalum (Ta), etc.
8) The maximum installation distance between convert and sensor ≤100m.
9) Cable: RVVP type double-core shielded cable or STT3200 type four-core tri-shield cable.
10)Please refer to the instruction manual for converter.